A professional set of employee portraits or business headshots can set your company apart from the competition. I use portable studio flash lights to create standout, impactful, photography on any location to fit in with a busy commercial schedule. Fast turn around and digital delivery enables your company quick use for promotional materials, marketing and public relations exercises. Vibrant and eye catching corporate imagery to illustrate annual financial reports, websites, company records and press releases.

Whether you run your own business, work as a freelancer or work for a company, you will need a decent headshot. A good headshot will convey your professionalism at work and portray you in the best light.  A professional headshot will stand out amongst the array of cropped and blurry selfie images. It will also will show your potential employers, clients and colleagues that you value yourself and that they should too.

Demonstrate Your Services and Skills

When promoting a product or skill with photography, it may seem that any simple picture could do the job. However, to create distinctive, attention-grabbing images, hiring a professional commercial photographer can make an important impact on your sales and marketing efforts.

Commercial photographers specialise in taking pictures for marketing and advertising for use in brochures, on websites, and for other marketing materials. This may include a clean shot of the product, the product in use, or how the product is made. An experienced commercial photographer should have the understanding, skills, and artistic eye to make your product stand out from the huge array of services and merchandise available.

Promoting products and services with high quality commercial photography is an investment that can set your company apart. Not only do distinctive images reflect well on your product, but they also convey that your company values excellence. I would welcome the opportunity to help you create artistic and impactful images of your product.

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